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Learn how chiropractic care can help golfers lower their score and stay injury free.

Posted May 07 2009 11:09am

Dr. Richard Hagmeyer of Essential Chiropractic helps golfers improve their game this summer. Learn how chiropractic care can help golfers lower their score and stay injury free.

May 2, 2009 – Naperville, IL Dr Richard Hagmeyer Says Chiropractic Can Lower Golf Scores And Save Your Back

Dr. Richard Hagmeyer of Naperville, IL Chiropractic is helping golf lovers to stay on the green longer. "All too often I see golfers end up taking pain killers or having to stop playing all together, just because of back pain from golf. Recently chiropractic treatment has really caught on as an excellent way to alleviate those on-the-green pains," says Dr. Richard Hagmeyer.

"The problems occur from all those repetitive golf swings. Since chiropractic is the science of the spine, we are in a good position to help golfers understand the correct way to take care of their bodies while still enjoying lots of golf," says Dr. Richard Hagmeyer.

Professional golfers are well aware of the benefits that chiropractic care can provide. A recent study reported that up to 85 percent of injuries on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour relate to the spine. Between 70 to 75 percent of these golfers receive chiropractic care regularly. Amateur golfers can especially benefit from chiropractic care. There is approximately 25 to 30 million amateur golfers in America. Dr. Hagmeyer says, "It’s my goal to educate golfers that chiropractic can really benefit them and keep them playing pain free."

Dr. Rich Hagmeyer says, "Not only can chiropractors most effectively treat acute and chronic back injuries caused by golf, but can also help them prevent injuries. Some important things they should be doing are stretching before and after golfing, keeping hydrated, shortening your back swing, and using correct posture and stance."

Dr. Rich Hagmeyer invites any golfer who is interested in improving their game and saving their back to schedule a complimentary office visit. "This way they can see how chiropractic might enhance their golf game." The office of Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, D.C. is located at 1020 104 th street, Naperville, IL. He can be reached by telephone at 630-718-0554 or through his website at


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