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HP Pavilion DV6 Battery Use and Helpful Tips

Posted Jun 19 2013 6:28am

With the fast growing need for mobility and accessibility it is essential for any laptop user to have a good and reliable battery to accompany their laptop with. You may be out for a long while hanging out at your favorite coffee shop in a mall and need some time for computing; you need a good  HP DV6 battery  to enjoy your surfing time outside the comforts of your home. Or you may be taking that long flight to another city or country and to keep yourself not bored you stay connected thru your laptop and listen to your favorite music, play your online games, check your social site, chat with friends, the type that needed presentation and report on the go, or monitor your stock investment and business online. Multi - tasking and maximizing the use of the laptop wherever they go are what most professionals and computer enthusiasts aim to accomplish. One of the most recommended laptop essentials that are designed to meet your daily computing needs is the HP Pavilion DV6 laptop battery. Now getting unplugged and running your laptop on batteries will never be the same again.

The highly recommended compatible battery for HP Pavilion DV6 is proven reliable and efficient answers the all important needs for mobile computing. Its long battery life assures your continuous productivity and full enjoyment of your laptop features. Even in the middle of a busy conference or that important travel, that much needed presentation or document will make it on time and keeping track of news from home and business will not be missed. Seal that decisive business deal with your clients by staying connected. The battery which has passed stringent quality control and passed the safety test for international standards offers durability and stability like no other.


Their lines of specifications can not be overlooked upon. Backed up by a full one year warranty, the battery and its accompanying  HP laptop adapter  for Pavilion DV6 and charger are the perfect compatible pair to bring out the unparalleled features of your laptop mobility experience. The battery draws its full potential with every use because the Li-ion laptop battery comes with its 10.8 volt and 48 Wh rating. Being lightweight at 18 grams and with a battery capacity of 4400mAh, the black colored laptop battery comes totally handy but delivers the best despite its sheer size. It offers the same capacity of a heavy duty battery but it is more designed to be compact and lightweight. In addition Li-ion laptop batteries are safer, last longer and are one of the world's highly reliable batteries used in most digital gadgets.


Here are some helpful tips you must need to know to enjoy your  HP laptop battery. Never try to modify or disassemble any battery pack as this may prove more harm than safety. Excessive charging hours and exposing the laptop battery to extreme heat may cause further deterioration and malfunction. Dropping, hitting and piercing is disallowed as this may disfigure the laptop battery and may make your warranty void and unaccepted. Always take off the battery from your laptop when not in use. Keep the battery pack away from metals to avoid terminal short circuits.


Article Source:best cheap  HP Pavilion dv7 Battery  for most of the top brands of notebooks on

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