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GolferAID: An All-Natural Golf Drink that Delivers Great Results

Posted Feb 23 2012 3:01am

Although golf is a relatively low intensity game, a golfer still needs to maintain his or her stamina for 5 to 6 hours – and sometimes even for an entire day of play. To replenish the vital fluids and nutrients that are lost during a strenuous game of golf, water isn’t always sufficient. That’s why a popular nutritional golf aid comes in the form of a golf drink.

A properly formulated golf drink is a blend of water, carbohydrates, and supplements. This formula provides golfers with an adequate supply of carbohydrates to fuel their working muscles. A golf aid drink can also improve absorption of fluids, replenish nutrients, and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. There are many golf drinks from which to choose. The vital question is, which one of the many can truly help you maintain top golf performance at all times. Let’s take a closer look at four factors golfers need to consider when choosing a favored golf drink.

1. Sugars: Not all sugars are created equal. Studies show that glucose and sucrose provide good body fuel, while fructose has been found to commonly cause bloating and stomachache.

2. Calorie content: In the same manner, look at the amount of carbohydrates or calories included in the drink. A small amount of carbohydrates, about 5% -to 8%, is all your muscles need to function properly. A golf aid with higher carbohydrate content can actually cause your body to become sluggish.

3. Sodium: Sodium helps metabolize carbohydrates and helps with rapid rehydration. Since golfers don’t typically sweat as much as basketball or football players, they require lower levels of sodium than what is generally found in non-golf specific sports drinks.

4. Nutritional content: Some golf drinks contain vitamins and minerals aimed at increasing stamina and strength only. If you are looking for a sports drink that also improves your visual and mental acuity, balance, and flexibility, you may want to try GolferAID. Unlike other golf drinks on the market, this one is made from all natural ingredients and supplements like bilberry, gotu kola, turmeric, and Siberian ginseng. It contains, in total, 35 supplements that support and enhance total mind and body function for superior golf performance.

GolferAID is fast becoming the favorite beverage of choice of top golfers in the world. Visit to learn more about this all natural drink supplement.

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