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Golf for Beginners

Posted by Swati S.

Golf is one of the rare sports that where you can have some alone-time and play by yourself; or you can bond with a buddy over a friendly. In either case, it gets you outside, closer to nature and the soothing green -- and away from the noise and the pollution. If you are planning to take up golf, here are a few quick tips to help you out! 1. First things first -- you don't need to go in for really expensive equipment. What's more important is that it should suit you well. 2. Again, you don't need a full set of 14 clubs from the start. You can begin with one club (maybe a 7 iron) and learn to swing it properly. Swinging the rest of the clubs will come more easily. 3. Continue practicing for a year. If you are still keen on the sport, you can then think about investing in more clubs. 4. In the beginning, spend time at the driving range playing short courses. 5. Invest in a lesson by a pro. Knowing the basics will let you pick up more quickly and help you enjoy the game more. Happy golfing!
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Much like tennis (or, I imagine, any sport) the clubs that you play with can really dictate the game. The one thing I'd add to your posting is the idea of investing in a quality club for your first club. Since you're saving money not getting the whole set, it's within your best interest to get the best club you can afford so you are getting your best game. It would be a shame to try golf for a year and think that you're not that good simply because you're using an old, poor quality club you picked up from your grandma's basement. Tip: A new player should look for a club that affords them flexibilty in the shaft. This will help you keep a handle on the ball in the beginning. Go to a golf pro shop and speak with an expert. Don't make your purchase that day - get some suggestions and check in with a player. It's always a good idea to get an additional expert opinion from someone who's not working on commission. ;)
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