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Golf Can Be A Dangerous Sport

Posted Jun 12 2008 5:02pm

I read this blog post from the New York Times yesterday.

The post is about the recent increase in golf cart related injuries since 1990. These injuries have occurred in infants as young as 2 months old and adults as old as 96 years old. Many injuries result in concussions and/or hospitalizations.

The experts have many reasons for the increase in golf cart related injuries. They include:

  • Faster and more powerful golf carts
  • Increased use of golf carts at non-golfing venues such as hospitals, parks, airports, colleges, businesses, and military bases
  • Lack of mandatory golf cart driver’s licenses
  • Lack of golf cart seat belts
  • Lack of golf cart stability mechanisms
  • Lack of golf cart federal regulations
  • Lack of four-wheel brakes on golf carts
  • Rear facing seats

I did some more research and I found that some of these golf cart related accidents can also be attributed to Leprechauns. Yes, those little green monsters often jump out in front of unsuspecting golf cart drivers, scaring them and causing an accident.

Something needs to be done about this golf cart thing. Maybe we should put air bags in golf carts or anti-lock brakes. Actually, I have a better idea. Why don’t we all try WALKING!!!!!

The number one reason for the increase in golf cart related injuries is the increase in lazy people who don’t want to walk. So, I suggest we make golf carts illegal for anyone who can walk. This would decrease the number of injuries and help people lose weight.

Bonus Advice: Lose Weight Playing Golf

I don’t consider golfing to be exercise but in honor of the 2008 U.S. Open which started today, I’m going to give you golfers a few tips to help you shed some pounds.

  1. Don’t use a golf cart - Walk, you will burn more calories
  2. Don’t use a caddy - Carry your golf bag yourself, you will burn more calories
  3. Drink lots of water - Hunger can often be confused with thirst
  4. Pack three healthy meals and two healthy snacks - So you don’t have to eat unhealthy club house food
  5. Have fun - Stress causes weight gain

Dr. Kal is a physician, weight-loss expert and ex-fat man. He is also the creator of the Don't Go Broke Weight Loss Plan and the main contributor at Dr. Kal's Blog.

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