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Disc Golf

Posted by Kenna M.

I play racquetball with a player who also plays disc golf. He told me a little bit about it, and it sounds like a challenge but a great way to get outdoors and have competitive fun with friends.

Then, I wrote two articles on disc golf and realized that it has quite a following. Celebrity players, different quality of discs, hats, shirts and the like.

Actually, anyone can put together a disc golf course on their property if they have enough acres.

Another benefit to disc golf is that it is environmentally friendly compared to traditional golf.

People who don't quite understand disc golf will think it's like frisbee, but actually it's a little more complicated than that.

You do have a disc like a frisbee; but they come in different sizes, weight and skill levels. And, three different sizes of discs are used for each par -- longe-range, mid-range and putter.

The targets look like funky baskets or old, modified tither ball poles.

Players actually get holes in one!

There are overhead throws called two-fingers and thumber. There are more throws; but I don't know them all.

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