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Bored fitness buffs add sports to workout regimens

Posted by Nancy B.

Adults are increasingly turning to sports for exercise because they want to switch from workouts that feel more like play than work, experts say. While it is important to make sure the sport isn't the only fitness activity in order to maintain all-around fitness, experts explained the value of sports to a fitness regimen: 1) cross training for balance, 2) water polo for strength and endurance, 3) swinging a golf club to build stability in legs, hips and core as well as to increase or 4) ice hockey for an aerobic workout.
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I'd agree with that. Going to the gym can bore me to tears. So much so, that eventually, I stopped going. Well, that wasn't helping anyone so I decided to mix up my week with three days of work-out (running and yoga) and two days of fun (tennis, hiking or golf). It's interesting, because although I'm sweating just as much on the days where I'm hiking or playing tennis (let's be honest, golf really doesn't work up a sweat) I don't think of the fun days as working out at all. I think that part of the reason we start to gain weight as we're older is that we forget to have fun. When we are young, we go out dancing, walk all over the place, etc. etc. But when you're older, it's easier to let life take over and stop doing the things you enjoy in favor of Working Hard. Unfortunately, that isn't always effective. I'm glad that forbes proved that having fun can be! Thanks for the info!
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