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aiea, Hawaii
Gods dreams for me have started to come alive in what I like to call my vegan playground.  That's what gave our blog it's name.  My husband and I now share that life together along with all the fun and adventure that comes with it naturally.  As we learn about God, the vegan... Full Bio
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Tapping to God's Rhythm

Never Alone in the chaos and joys ~ Connect with ones who lift us up We don't see 'it' coming. Bam! Sudden change. Everything...

'Gasa-Gasa' to Slow Flow

We use a Japanese slang here in Hawaii, gasa gasa. Usually, it is said of a child who can't keep still. Sometimes, in someone who tries to...

Onward Ho :: Springing Forward

We are 3.5 months into our new normal . The patterns are becoming familiar. Yet, new challenges arise in between the ones we settle into....

For the Off Days

Some days just don't go as planned. The Off Start: Ever had one of those days that just feels off from the moment you open your...

Never Alone on this Journey

Psalm 16:3 ~ And these God-chosen lives all around—     what splendid friends they make! One day later, but usually on...

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Apr 24 2010 by Tara Robertson
that's great!!
Apr 18 2010 by Tara Robertson
I'm actually not sure how I have my blog feeding here- when I was contacted to join it was part of the deal! I'm sure there must be some way of doing it but since it was all done for me I am just not sure!! So sorry :)