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Gods dreams for me have started to come alive in what I like to call my vegan playground.  That's what gave our blog it's name.  My husband and I now share that life together along with all the fun and adventure that comes with it naturally.  As we learn about God, the vegan... Full Bio
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Drifting into Fall

My free heart goodies for you to enjoy and share This is my favorite season of all. It's the start of cooler weather. Even...

You Have Permission to Just Rest {PhotoJournal}

Got my pretty tea pot out and found some soft light by the window.Put a tiny mum (from my sweet girl) in a tiny vase Told our...

You Don't Have to 'Keep Up' ~ Breathing Room for Your Soul

It's a sweetly quieting statement...You don't have to keep up with everyone else's pace.  You have permission to find God's unique...

Becoming :: A New Season of Rediscovery

Starting my day. The mornings. I am having so much fun putting my hands to old interests being made new. It's been a slow attempt...

On Rest ~ The Kind Your Soul Needs

What kind of rest is your soul needing today? Is it actual sleep? Do you need a brain break and some...

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Apr 24 2010 by Tara Robertson
that's great!!
Apr 18 2010 by Tara Robertson
I'm actually not sure how I have my blog feeding here- when I was contacted to join it was part of the deal! I'm sure there must be some way of doing it but since it was all done for me I am just not sure!! So sorry :)