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Avid runner turned CrossFit junkie trying to make her mark by BQing. Sharing my adventures one step at a time hoping that someone will eventually benefit from my mistakes and maybe even help make a runner out of the run-haters!
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Real Life

I still don’t feel like this is real life.   With the weather being AMAZING lately I find myself feeling luckier and more...

Monday Accomplishments

This morning I did a bit of spring cleaning.  Not the kind that makes my hands dirty and my armpits sweaty though. It was a cleaning of...


Lately Sundays mean the same thing to me. Lots of meal prep: This week is all about veggies.  Last week I don’t think one green,...

Personal Goals

Lately my saturday mornings consist of coaching then putting myself through tough workouts of my own.  My favorite part is the coaching...

What life is like now

I am a runner.  I am a CrossFitter.  I do all those things.  Sometimes I do one more than the other but running is my roots. And qualifying...

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