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A Mother's Story of a Child Going Gluten-Free

Check out this great and eye-opening article about one mother's story to get her child to follow the gluten-free diet.  After more than one...

In Hopes of Alerting FDA, Group to Bake Largest Gluten-Free Cake Ever

Everyone loves cake, but have you ever thought about what the largest gluten-free cake on earth would look like? Well, we're all about to...

Study Looks at Success of Food Labeling in Australia

The Australian NSW Food Authority has some very good news for people living with celiac disease.  A recenty study found taht food items...

Gluten-Free Camp Boosts Happiness for Celiac Kids

A new study from researchers at the University of California San Francisco finds that kids with celiac disease who attend a gluten-free camp...

Celiac, Gluten-Free Diets in the Spotlight

Celiac disease, long a mystery to the general public has now jumped into the spotlight.  Many people who previously had no idea what gluten...

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