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As a youngster, I had always been pretty active. I was never really an athlete, even though I played basketball and tennis in high school. But, I was an avid outdoorsman (I know - how can a big city guy be an outdoorsman?). I enjoyed fishing, hiking, backpacking, and hunting. I spent many a day in... Full Bio
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Getting Caught up

So – I bet you thought that this was going to be another “oops – was too busy this week” post, didn’t you? Well, I actually got my lazy ass out...

Is it Friday Already?

So here it is – Friday. Not one entry in the blog. Which is not good news. I’ve ratcheted down the calorie allowance in my MyFitnessPal profile...

Behind the Eight Ball Again

Getting back on track has been postponed one week. I was traveling this week without a rental car. Forgot just how few restaurants are around...

Getting Back on Track (Again)

Okay okay. So I took a week off. (And I was still brave enough to get on the scale Sunday). The one thing I really want to keep in mind is...

Gotta Get Back on Track

I’ve kind of fallen off the tracks on the calorie tracking. The problem is I’m starting to find it difficult to guestimate portion size using My...

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