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As a youngster, I had always been pretty active. I was never really an athlete, even though I played basketball and tennis in high school. But, I was an avid outdoorsman (I know - how can a big city guy be an outdoorsman?). I enjoyed fishing, hiking, backpacking, and hunting. I spent many a day in... Full Bio
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I *did* have every intention of coming back. In the meantime, promotion and a new position at work. It’s 10:30 (PM) and I’m just wrapping up my...

So, That was a Nice Vacation

It’s the 19th of January. My last post here prior to the end of 2014. To say that I’m not motivated is an understatement. So, it’s back to...

Annual Wrap Up–almost

Well, with a couple of weeks left to go, I decided to look at how I’m doing this year. Hmm. I guess there’s a reason you haven’t heard from me...

Now that *that’s* over..

Thanksgiving is always a festive time at the Jones household. This old man gets to dust off the apron and put together a feast for the family...

It took a while…

I’m still here. It only took five weeks for me to remember to lace up my shoes. Got out for 2.7 miles on Saturday and a mile on Sunday. ...

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