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Somewhat off balanced, really not in possession of a full house of cards. Usually medicated. Depressed. Elated. Bi-Polar II. Happy type mother of happy type child. Wife. Politically incorrect. Loves snakes and arachnids. Anything else? Many things surely I just don't have the time or patience to... Full Bio
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A Slave...

... without a master is like a feather blowing in the wind

Wow.. Who knew

Found this article... If there were check boxes next to these items I would have a mail against each point...

I really need to stop. I ...

I really need to stop. I really really need to stop. Driving myself crazy. I'm just driving myself crazy


Oh how I wish. General weariness of life

Great expectations

I really must learn to manage my expectations.  It's funny how I don't even realize I even have them until something happens, then I always...
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you look grrreat. mail me pls at 

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