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Somewhat off balanced, really not in possession of a full house of cards. Usually medicated. Depressed. Elated. Bi-Polar II. Happy type mother of happy type child. Wife. Politically incorrect. Loves snakes and arachnids. Anything else? Many things surely I just don't have the time or patience to... Full Bio
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Oh how I wish. General weariness of life

Great expectations

I really must learn to manage my expectations.  It's funny how I don't even realize I even have them until something happens, then I always...

It's easy to give advice and ...

It's easy to give advice and say things like pull yourself together. Pull yourself together... So much easier said than done.  The funny...


Things... Bonds forged out of desperation are not real Release them


There are more bad days than good days. Day before was a good day, yesterday was a bad day.. Today feels even worse. I went to sleep...
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you look grrreat. mail me pls at 

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