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Nyssa, Oregon
I am a widow who spent 13 years taking care of my very ill husband.  After he passed away in 2007 I started having lots of problems with diarrhea and colon problems.
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Jul 17 2009 by ggb
I have been cancer free for 6 years after having uterine cancer and having chemotherapy.  After that I had some diarrhea but about a year ago I had to have colon surgery and they remove 18" of colon and removed my gall bladder.  Since then I have had such a problem.  I take Imodium and Dr. said I could take up to 10 a day.  I also take diphenoxylate HCI and Atrophine sulfate tablets...up to 8 in 24 hrs.  I occassionally have to take Pepto Bismal too.  Also I take Align probiotics.   I really wish there was something that would control diarrhea with just a couple of pills as I am never sure of this, have recurring diarrhea several times a day still.