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I am an artsy writer-type and gourmet wanna-be, with a brilliant college professor husband and an adorable 7-year-old son. When my Little Prince was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a mild form of autism at 18 months, life changed. But not always for the worse. An important element of my son's treatment,... Full Bio
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Have you ever felt that you were unable to attend church without people giving you "the look" because your child was stimming or...


I have been feeling more and more uncertain about the Prince’s future lately.  I think it is the reason I have not been blogging here very...

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I am convinced there is an unwritten law that the best therapy for your child must be located at least 30 minutes away from...

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May 26 2009 by grateful
I a mom of a 7 year old, or at least he will be this Sunday.  He has never been diagnosed with a disorder, but I knew that he had a great difficulty in school, couldn't sit still except to watch t.v. (which we rarely do) and of course many other "symptoms".   I said absolutely not when the teachers and administrators confronted us and suggested medication.  I finally tested him with a technique I learned in chiropractic school called AK (applied kinesiology) and found that he has a sensitivity to dairy, gluten, corn, soy, chocolate, beef, and tomatoes.  In a months time, after eliminating these,I virtually have a different child.  He is upbeat, he can converse in sentances and talk about reality instead of constant fantasy.  He was tested in December and found that this 1st grader was reading at a middle kindergarden level.  He was tested again in May and is now reading at a middle second grade!  We will start counseling this week as he still does have a sensitivity to his clothes and relating to other children and impulsiveness.  I came across this website looking for new recipes.  Wow, it is so nice to be able to relate to those who know what I am going through.  I seem to be fighting against the grain here in Arkansas.  Thank you.  God Bless

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