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Aug 27 2010 by Roberto carlo Chiesa

"Inside My Being" a powerfully emotional short film about the relationship between a mother and daughter as they deal with Dementia/Alzheimer's disease. The film shows the inside point-of-view of the Dementia/Alzheimer's patient. Link to Film Page:

The message:  Never abandon a loved one who can no longer be themselves. Their heart and soul are still very much alive. You can reach them if you allow your heart to do the talking.



Sep 07 2009 by David W.

I’m  just wrapping up a documentary on Alzheimer’s set to premiere Sept 21  at 8pm on RLTV (retirement living tv).  Thought you may want to let other like-minded people know on your blog.  You can watch preview clips on

Best Wishes,

David Wasser


Mar 17 2009 by Deb
I just happened upon your blog, today, and was amazed at the similarities we share.  I, also, am a writer and publisher, and my Mom likely has Alzheimer's, as well. I started reading your blog and was deeply touched by what I've read and impressed with your research. Thank you, so much, for pouring your heart into such positive pursuit. I'm your newest fan and applaud you for your effort.  Sincerely, Debbie Russell