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I'm a 22 year old fitness and health food enthusiast. I don't have any formal education in these areas but spend a ton of time reading and learning about about how and why different foods help my body and fuel me for an active lifestyle. I love cooking and creating new, healthy meals. I... Full Bio
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I’ve moved!

Get Healthy with Heather has moved to . Come check out the new site, update your reader, re-subscribe by...

The run that kept on going

I just entered into week 3 of my half marathon training.  The first  couple weeks have gone by with different strides.  Week 1 was filled...

Crunchy Peanut Chicken Strips

One of my favorite condiments is peanut sauce, or what I like to call saute sauce.  When we lived in Holland that’s what it was called. ...

How to make custard oats

A few weeks ago I posted my how-to on making egg white oats .  Truth be told I eat custard oats much more often than egg white oats.  Egg...

Wednesday’s Weekly Workout Mini-Challenge: Doubles

So far I’ve gone through 3 weekly workout mini-challenges: pull ups , squats and kitchen lifts (calf raises) .  I hope some of you have...

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