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Mar 17 2010 by anonymous
In my case i now have developed brown patches all over my body; is there something i can use for the discoloration to the skin.   i've also noticed that hot water sooths my itchy hands; this comment is related too Hives, Papular Urticaria, and "Itchy Red Bump Disease due to HIV
Mar 01 2010 by ELIZABETH C.


Re:  xanthelasma

How can fatty pockets on lower eyelids be desolved without surgery?


Mar 01 2010 by ELIZABETH C.


How can fatty pocket's on lower eyes be desolved without surgery?   - xanthelasma

Jan 03 2010 by psmanos

I recently had an endoscopy and a biopsy was taken.  My gastro dr told me I did NOT have Barrett's esophagus, but my pathologist results left me wondering.  Maybe someone could clarify these results.

esph. biopsy - gastric type mucosa with focally dilated foveolar glands suggestive of hyperplastic polyp.

alcian blue stain/pas stain focally positive for intestinal type mucin within goblet cells 

Nov 29 2009 by Coconutsammy2
Two years ago, I was treated for DCIS in my left breast. The lump was removed and radiation after.  About six months ago, I had a xray for pain in my left upper rib cage below my left breast.  It came back negative and there was no lump.  Now there is a lump and tender.  I really thought I pulled something working in a nursing/rehab home, but it is swollen and a small dime size.  I am on tomixifen.
Aug 11 2009 by Debbie Ross

Hi Dr. Geoff, 

Thank you for your invitation to join your celiac community...a great place to share our passion for wellness.

May 04 2009 by drdan
Dr geoff, I read your reply about the five hour energy drink and as a doctor myself I have a couple of questions maybe you can help me with. I drink one cup of coffe a day usually starbucks in the AM and thats it. What is strange and I agree with you that 5 hour energy should only have as much as a cup of coffee but let me tell you this stuff really makes it possible for this 45 yrd old to run 5 miles three times a week. There is something more in this. Is it the high B12 and if so i guess that blows my theory that B 12 does nothing more that a placebo effect with patients that swear by it for energy. I'm confused can you help me figure this one out? Dr Dan McGrath
May 02 2009 by EARTH MOTHER

I'm here! :D

Thanks again for inviting me to join the Top Health Bloggers in the Raw Food Community on Wellsphere.

Apr 09 2009 by George Anderson

Dr. Geoff,

I am now to the community. I provide Executive Coaching/Anger Management for Physicians. I will be presenting on The Angry Physician on May 20 at the Physician Well-Being Conference sponsored by the Riverside County Medical Assocaition, CA. 

Feb 11 2009 by April123
In regards to the hand clumsiness and tingling / pain....what tests would need to be performed? My daughter had that begin today. We just got home from urgent care who said go to Neuro in the morning...She has weak grips, and failed the finger to nose test. She in unable to open her hand now.. All this began this morning and she is 16 years old