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Health Maven's Answer
Jun 15 2007 5:07pm
You are in the SF bay area, on the peninsula. Check out Mission soaring,... more
Sep 21 2007 6:51pm
When doing interval training, I'm not sure you should think of the period between... more
Feb 19 2008 10:28am
I think the story was that a biological woman who was living as a transgender man... more
Apr 05 2008 11:41am
I agree with Nathan -- when you exercise, you should include all the muscke groups.... more
Apr 16 2008 2:26pm
Anyone who has or thinks they may have been exposed to syphilis should also be tested... more
Sep 11 2008 9:47am
For a great weekend workout in the mid peninsula, try the rid from Portola valley, up... more
Oct 28 2008 11:44am
Sounds like a used beach cruiser, purchased from the Penny Trader would be the right... more
Oct 28 2008 12:03pm
Hi Smoky, Thanks for your question. As a phsycian, I'm quite concerned about the... more
Nov 26 2008 10:22pm
The conventional wisdom is that warming milk releases more of the amino acid... more
Dec 06 2008 9:22pm
I agree with Dr. Gwenn (as usual). Your description could be many things, and you need... more
Dec 07 2008 12:11pm