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Do your pelvic floor exercises (yes you!) by Angela F We moved house a year ago (urgh! never again!). We moved house, jobs, counties, everything... From one end of the country to the other to be closer to family. A better lif ... Read on »
TIP of the WEEK: Being Thankful by Latham Centers Well here it is―the biggest food holiday of the year right around the corner. While we spend the next few days planning, worrying, and trying our hardest to make a s ... Read on »
Every Trip to Stop & Shop or Peapod purchase can earn money for Latham! by Latham Centers Sign up before you start your Holiday Shopping! By signing up for the Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program (two easy steps online), employees, friends and f ... Read on »
Community Outing News by Latham Centers Pictures taken by Alanna Murphy Latham students attended another successful community outing to the Cape Museum of Fine Arts and the Natural History Museum ... Read on »
TIP of the WEEK: Transitions by Latham Centers Transitions are the single most challenging part of any day for the person with PWS. When a person with PWS is faced with a big transition, it can be that much mor ... Read on »
Belonging at Latham by Latham Centers As the admissions assistant at Latham Centers I regularly give program tours to parents and families.  I was recently on a tour of Latham School in Brewster ... Read on »
Latham Works News by Latham Centers Horticulture is one of the most popular jobs on campus.  There is much to do, as we grow plants from seed, root cuttings, or purchase young ornamental plants to r ... Read on »
Could I forget my kids have Fragile X? Probably not. by Kristie Meyer Patient Expert I read a blog post earlier about a mother of a son with Down Syndrome who had a cashier make an ignorant comment to her about prenatal testing.  The mama set her straight ab ... Read on »
Celebrating Philanthropy on Cape Cod by Latham Centers Bob Newman of Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club Accepts the Business of the Year Award at Philanthropy Day 2012 On Wednesday, November 12th, ten Latham Cente ... Read on »
Latham Employee John Bonanni Receives Notable CCYP Scholarship by Latham Centers   He is Second Staffer to Win this Prestigious Scholarship in 2014   Latham employee John Bonanni made everyone at Latham Centers proud when h ... Read on »