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While this is a time-consuming and very detailed process

Posted May 17 2013 1:56am
While this is a time-consuming and very detailed process, we believe its the most appropriate choice given the  D3 Gold  circumstances. We know that some of you may disagree, but we feel that performing a full roll back would impact the community in an even greater way, as it would require significant downtime as well as revert the progress legitimate players have made since patch 1.0.8 was released this morning. 

Administrator Lylirra for Battle.So no worries for those of you out there worrying about the awesome number of levels youve jumped since yesterday: youre good to go. Meanwhile will be hunting down the culprits of this terrible economy-wrecking madness non-stop until they are found. This auction house has been under fire since the beginning of the game, having most recently been the subject of scrutiny via former Diablo III director Jay Wilson who made it clear: if they could pull the plug on the real-money part of the auction house, they would.The companys incentive to prove naysayers like me wrong is sky-high.

I would love nothing more than to be wrong about EAs prospects here C Star Wars games dont have to be poor, or merely competent. So the best of luck to executive chairman Larry Probst and whoever backfills ex-CEO John Riccitiellos shoes. Lets hope a presumptive desire to flout cynical expectations yields something  GW2 Gold  unexpected. LucasArts made some terrific and influential Star Wars games back in the day. Its not too late for someone bold (and talented) enough to start again.
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