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Three months after the lakers and drop three points rain overcome heart magic Bryant into the team lead

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:10am
El clark outside change hands, world peace a 3-pointer, and a additional secondary flagrant foul has not affected CiShiPing shooting touch, he remember the three points also let the lakers game from the first minute, leading the timberwolves, never trailed. Nine 59 seconds Nash a 3-pointer, and antawn jamison added after playing, is Cheap Lebron 9 three division of the hand, the first quarter the lakers get 6 points, three points are not the main means of scoring, but for the next three points in Los Angeles rain brought in the clouds. The lakers 3-pointers, concentrated outbreak appeared in time the middle section, the gentle kindness Blake continuous a 3-pointer, and Steve Nash and kobe Bryant also continuous successful, half of the game and to remember three points, this is not what great figures, but considering the last 11 games the lakers only one game a 3-pointer in double number, Blake, Nash find the handle is a lakers fans feel happiness thing. As is known to all, because absences, timberwolves only with most of the time zone to make up for the deficiency of one-on-one defense, and cracked zone is the most simple and effective way is fast fall outside the ball looking for three extension, the lakers didn't use the right tactics, and timely find the feeling, so the second half began to kobe Bryant twice a 3-pointer, and rate team hit points panic at the secure performance. To small Banks began to m three division of the hand, the lakers lead more than twenty points, the Lebron 9 Shoes outcome has been no suspense, this is the lakers for the the 16th 3-pointers, the last time they do it (a 3-pointer number more than 15) or for three months ago. Kobe Bryant in the three point line 8 shots outside 4, this is after a few days ago against the mavericks three-pointer 5 shots after the 4 once again broke out, want to know before that kobe Bryant continuous 37 a three-point shot only made two, has been nagging media group of injured all over the body. Then he started crazy training, to today's contest, for example, kobe Bryant is three hours in advance to start training, field training project is only one, three points outside line 5 point to keep trying long shot. To overcome the heart, Bryant maintained he, as always, the pursuit of perfect personality, and when he do this, the lakers want to win becomes much more relaxed. Over the past four games (including today), kobe Bryant's shooting is more than 50%, averaging can get 35 points, such a leader, is the lakers the team want to see. "Normally, at Cheap Lebron X Shoes the beginning of the campaign, it is difficult to dunk things." Bryant said, "although the pre-match warm-up, but in the game, you still need time for physical and mental state of relaxation, so today's situation for me a little fresh." This season, kobe Bryant, 34, rejuvenation, send out more than 30 times the Slam Dunk. To this, kobe Bryant more willing to thank teammates, "I pass after, his teammates hit open shots, which gave me to create a space." Obviously, Bryant now physical condition is very good, "and compared to last year, I feel more imposed strong, also more health." Data can be proof of kobe Bryant's point of view. The recent five games, Bryant was averaging 28.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 7.6 assists, and at the same time shooting up to 55%. Kobe Bryant in today the lakers beat Minnesota's 13 22 shots, the three-pointer 8 throw in 4, seven of his free throws off three of the 33 points 5 rebounds and five assists and steals. This is his this season 24 times single field cut down 30 +, tied the Kevin durant to tie for the league first. Today NuoA cut personal this season second three pairs, his Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes contribution to the 23 points and 11 rebounds and blocked shot, help the bulls win over 76 people. Since the league started in 1973 statistical data blocks, since other only five players have single field with over twenty + and + 10 (points, rebounds, and blocks) luxury data, which has three hall of fame player, and a future hall of fame player, respectively is kareem abdul-jabbar (twice), hakeem olajuwon (twice), elvin hayes (one), shaq. The last one is Sean - Bradley.
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