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The dye system is not Guild Wars 2's dye system

Posted May 23 2013 1:47am
But those minor changes are literally nickel-and-diming us. Twenty Cartel Coins is equal to about 20 cents. Does BioWare really need my 20 cents or even 80 cents for the minor  Cheap GW2 Gold  changes I want to do to my character before I attend a roleplay event? Why can't I pay for that with in-game credits? I'd think my time spent in the game is worth more than the small bit of revenue I generate getting my whiskers trimmed.

Hyperspace Beacon SWTOR's customization cash kitty The dye system is not Guild Wars 2's dye system, so just punt that idea out of your head. In fact, the systems are so different that they are barely comparable. The only thing similar between them is that they both dye clothing. Many MMOs have something like that, and I will not be comparing those to SWTOR's system either.Dye modules are items found in various places throughout the game; they change specific areas of your character's clothing. Each dye is a primary color, a secondary color, or both. Each dye is also a one-time-use item.
Once you remove or replace a dye, it is gone for ever. You will not be able to change all the colors on your armor, nor will you be able to specifically choose the color combination. That being said, there are many colors to choose from, and I am certain other colors and combinations of colors will be added later. So far, the colors and  D3 Gold  combinations of colors I've seen are fairly basic and expected. I'm happy with this. I don't think many people will be upset about the colors they will find.
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