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Tests tests tests

Posted Aug 04 2009 7:38pm
Just had our second appointment in London. It was a weird day, part good, part hard, part relief.

We arrived a little late as we got a bit lost in the big city (even though we've been there before - oops!) so we were a little stressed. And then we had a mountain of forms to sign. I got a little bit confused in parts - there was just so many about the procedure and then about what happens to the embryos who are not put back in, and then about whether if one of us were to die, we'd want the other one to have any frozen embryos. We hadn't thought it to be honest and kind of looked at each other confused.

And loads of tests. Some were what we expected and some were not... Mark gave his sample in the little room. All good I think. They don't give you the results and they only need a very small number of sperm (they do it by ICSI, where they just use one sperm to fertilise the egg and don't have any spare ones floating about in case they get tested for HD accidentally). And we had some blood tests for hepatitis and hiv (for them to be able to store the frozen embryos). And whilst I was there, I happened to be on my period, so they tested my hormones as well. That was a total bonus because we'd had a letter saying it needed to be on a specific day of my period and I was having a right stress about making sure I was able to get an appointment with my doctor on the right day without disrupting stuff at work too much. It was on the wrong day of my period and was a pill period rather than a normal period (which the letter had requested) but that's it done apparently.

And then the final test was an ultrasound. I thought it was going to be an ultrasound like on the tv with the jelly and stuff on your tummy. But he put it up inside me literally to have a look at my ovaries. I was completely horrified - he wanted to do what? Whilst I was having my period? Ew! No! Stay away! I am sure I will be examined plenty of times in the whole IVF/pregnancy thing but I just wasn't expecting it and I'm just not good with anyone going near me at that time of the month. But then I' m glad I didn't know because either I would have really wanted to skip my period (in which case, they wouldn't have been able to take the blood for the hormone tests and delayed everything) or I would have been fretting like crazy beforehand and would have got myself in a right state. I guess on the positive side, at least next time when it happens, it won't be any worse!

So the good news is that's it, we've done all the tests, we've signed all the forms. We're pretty much ready to go. Next period and we're off...


Yr 1:
Wk 11 - hospital appointment in London. Tests and consent forms.
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