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Taking all of the above into consideration

Posted May 18 2013 1:48am
Taking all of the above into consideration, its hard to complain too much about how the game actually plays as  Diablo 3 Gold  the basic mechanics are correct, but it really is just Borderlands without the charm. The enemies arent too intelligent. Death comes from being overwhelmed rather than making any particular mistakes in my experience. 

I will give credit to the universe for being interesting enough that I want to see where it goes, but it feels like the story is constrained by the games limits and will likely unfold better on TV (if the show lasts anyhow). Speaking of which, its too early to say how the tie-in will play out. Right now there is a contest where the highest scoring player in various events will have a chance to be the first to appear on the show, but thats nothing that will affect the plot. Supposedly that magic is supposed to start in the second season. Hopefully by then the game will be more fleshed out and have more of a community surrounding it. As it is right now, its hard to recommend Defiance, but at least there is no monthly fee to pay while you wait to see how things turn out. 

If I could give the game a grade it would be incomplete, not because its horrible, but because it needs more work and time to grow. Perhaps you console gamers who are starved for an MMO will appreciate it more than PC veterans like me.How do you feel about this latest issue? Do you think that this is yet another piece of evidence in the case against always-on gaming? Do you think Blizzard should have  Buy GW2 Gold  approached this problem differently? What should they do in the future if and when problems like this arise again, especially in "Diablo 3"? Sound off in the comments below.
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