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Some Unique Advantages of Paper Books

Posted Apr 24 2013 2:36am

While more youngsters prefer to read journals on portable Apps such as Kindle, iOS apps, mobile phones and etc, ebook is gradually becoming a hotsale in online market. Many statistics report that the sales volume of ebook is growing year by year, however, do you really think that printed book will disappear one day? I don't think so as paper book still has its irreplaceable advantages.

Ebooks become more and more popular because of its portability. However, it still has a long way to going mature as ebook is a huge change to traditional book lovers. Continue reading this article, you will get known why people believe paper books are better than electronic books.
1. Nice feel with paper books
While reading ebooks on Kindle, iPad, iPod and etc, the cold and steely material of ereaders bring us a kind of cold feeling. What's different, the paper books can always make us feel warm and  real as we can touch the flippable pages(make page flippable ebooks with flash flip book for Mac ). As we get along with paper books for a long time in school life, so many good memories can easily be evoked once in a while.
2. Convenient to make notes on paper books
When you want to learn from an ebook, you may need to make notes to highlight some important points or add comments. It's easy to do this in paper books but difficult in ebooks.
3. Share books with friends
Once you bought an ebook, you may want to share it with friends who need it. However, you may discover that some ebooks are not allowed to share or duplicate because of copyright(Digital Rights Management). But for printed books, you can freely lend to others.
4. Collect books for future reading
The digital publishing technology and ereaders are changing rapidly. If you want to preserve your ebooks for reading in 5 years or even later, you may find that the ebook is not compatible any more. However, the same problem will not happen to printed books.
5. Cheap second-hand books
Sometimes when you prepare to purchase an ebook from online bookstore, you may find that some classic ebooks are very expensive and unaffordable. However, for paper books, you can easily get one copy from a second-hand bookstore at a very low price.
6. Paper books are great collections
For collectors who love to collect crafts, clothes, antiques, photographs, stamps and etc, printed books, magazines and journals are also great collections.

If already have some PDF ebooks in hand, you can easily enrich them with realistic page flippable effect. By using the PDF to Flash Mac tool, you can create lifelike page flipping ebooks which is animated with dynamic animations, navigation tools, music and etc. The flash flipbook can be uploaded online for exposure on web, blog, Facebook and more.

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