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Sensitive Santa 2012

Posted Nov 18 2012 4:02pm
For the past several years, we have participated in Dayton Mall's Sensitive Santa.  This year, we debated about whether we were going to do it.  In the end, we let the boys decide if they wanted to go.  They were enthusiastic about it.  Blake decided he was going to tell Santa he wants a bike for Christmas.

I made a picture schedule for them yesterday and we went over it.  Both boys knew the plan.  They woke up happy and excited to see Santa. 

We got to the mall and went to the sign up table.  Drew wanted to stay with Eric and wait, so I took Blake to the play area.  Integration Stations had brought some of their therapy/sensory equipment.  They had a Steamroller, bounce boards, and several visual sensory pieces.  I tried to get Blake to go through the Steamroller, but he needed to hide for awhile.  He found himself a quiet(ish) spot and took cover. 

It was very cool to see the bounce boards being used.  Kids jumped from one to another.  At one point, all four bounce boards were in use. 

 I told Eric to get in line.  There were a couple people ahead of us and I thought I could coax the boys to get in line while Eric held our place.  That didn't work so well.  They weren't having any of it.  They both stayed back and didn't want to come near Santa.  Blake went and his behind the Dippin' Dots stand.  We decided in the end that it wasn't worth it to make them visit Santa. 
There was a young man named Matt, who was twenty years old.  He had thoroughly enjoyed talking with Santa.  I had spoken with his grandma for awhile and soon Matt and his mom came over.  Matt was very concerned with Blake not being able to see Santa.  He went over to Blake, rocked back and forth, flicked his hands and told Blake that it was fun to see Santa and he should give it a try.  Blake put his head between his knees and wouldn't budge.  Matt came back and reported it didn't work.  A minute later, Matt said, "I got it!  Why don't we bring Santa to your kid?!"  I told him that was an excellent idea, but Santa was so busy holding other kids that I didn't want to bother him.  I thanked him for thinking of the idea and caring about Blake.  His mom said he is a very kind-hearted fella.  I believe it. 
We decided that the boys had had enough and asked if they were ready to go.  They didn't have to be asked twice.  They headed out without regard for whether or not Eric and I were following behind.
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