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probable cost of double knee surgery.

Posted by redman147

Ive been to 6 regular doctors, 4 specialists, and 9 physical therapy clinics in the past 15 years and Ive been told I have genetically crooked knees and since then ive developed many issues. IT band syndrome, PFS or PFPS, Hyper Mobile Kneecaps, Condramalacia (dont know if I spelled that right), and some other things. Ive been told I need knee realignments or knee replacements and Im only 22 yrs old. How much would this run me to fix my knees
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It really depends on your insurance plan. Knee surgerys are usually pretty expensive and the costs can range from about $7,000-$20,000. If you have insurance, a good portion, if not all of it, will be covered. The huge price range is really dependent on how damaged your knees are, how much the surgery costs at that hospital, and physical therapy, etc. Since everyone's body is different it's hard to say what the cost will be exactly. If you have a hospital in mind, and an insurance plan, give the reps a call and ask them how much they expect you to pay. Good luck!
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