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Oveur then went on to wistfully speculate

Posted Apr 24 2013 1:49am
Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson's presentations are always interesting, if just for his presentation (relying heavily on  Diablo 3 Gold   internet slang, such as his much-quoted "Yarrrdware"). He began with a recap on the many features of Kali Release 1, such as Contracts, Rigs, Combat Boosters etc. 

He then moved on to Kali 2, mentioning the Graphic updates (DirectX 9), improvements and changes to Starbases, Constellation Sovereignty and general warfare changes and upgrades. And a thing called Heat.According to Oveur, "Heat" is the planned ability to "overload" modules on your ship, something that will generate heat that will need to be dissipated, lest it builds up and wrecks all kinds of havoc. At the same time you might underpower other modules to compensate, allowing for on-the-fly changes to tactics, for example increasing a tank at the expense of damage output.

Oveur then went on to wistfully speculate about the state of EVE in ten years time. He mentioned things like walking inside stations, planetary interaction, new environments, new  Cheap GW2 Gold    tech levels (as far as tech 5), and the extremely coy mention of new races (note plural), including Jove. Sixth race? He wouldn't tell.
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