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Posted Aug 18 2010 3:52am
Using special focused libraries of chemical compounds in drug design is becoming increasingly common.    Here we describe different kinds of focused compound librariesthat can be used in medicinal chemistry.For a long time chemical libraries have been a cornerstone in the search for new pharmaceutical compounds.   The libraries have been created using many different paradigms.   In order to find appropriate effects on target proteins diverse collections of unique compounds have been screened. Such large libraries continue to be used in drug discovery, but screening focused libraries can provide more efficient solutions with better outcome.Focused compound libraries comprise collections of compounds with in silico predicted high affinity to a target protein.   Components of a focused library must be thoroughly characterized.   In order to design and compose focused libraries OTAVA applies different computational methods used in SBDD.   Our proprietary method for receptor-based virtual screening of compounds includes powerful combination of drug-likeness filtering, molecular docking, re-scoring, key intermolecular hydrogen bond detection and,finally, visual inspection of ligand-receptor complexes.   OTAVA Discovery Collection includes various focused libraries.OTAVA focuses its attention on the targets from different protein families: G-protein coupled receptors, protein kinases, ion channels, proteases. Also our company offers focused libraries of compounds with certain biological activity: anticancer, antiviral, analgesic, antibacterial…

This set of libraries with a variety of novel compounds is an excellent starting point for research chemists and biologists in drug discovery. All compounds are for prompt delivery.

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