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Otava Building Blocks

Posted Aug 18 2010 3:48am
The objective of this report is to give some insight on usingchemical building blocks that allow generating diversity and complexity in chemical structures.Building blocks are privileged structural motifs with various reactive functional groups including aldehydes, carboxylic acids, amines, and sulfonyl chlorides which are useful for incorporation into various scaffolds.Rapid development of combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening techniques in recent years has provided a powerful alternative to traditional approaches for lead generation and optimization.   The goal of combinatorial chemistry is to generate libraries with maximum chemical diversity of the composing compounds.   Combinatorial chemistry involvessystematic assembly of a set of “building blocks” to generate larger libraries ofchemically different molecules.Pharmacophoric building blocks can be used in lead discovery and optimization.   Medicinal chemists utilize them to increase scaffold diversity and differentiation.OTAVA specializes in synthesis and distribution of building blocks for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development.

Our company offers over 400,000 building-block compounds with many unique structures in multi-gram quantities.   OTAVA provides new building blocks that can help solve some of the problems incurred in drug discovery.

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Kyiv 143, 03143


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