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Officials contact paste and delete, damage public confidence in

Posted Mar 02 2012 9:15am
Government departments, the community-oriented information wholesale handbags disclosure, clearly demarcated region-wide. If only localized within the open, then such disclosure can not be called the true meaning of information disclosure. Recently, the municipal government of Xiangtan, Hunan Xiangtan Daily "and the government portal, announced a total of 508 leading cadres of the 36 departments directly under the contact. Just half a day, Xiangtan government websites to delete the relevant information. Xiangtan City departments to informed sources, the leadership not engage in online afraid field unrelated people see, Cookin 'the cadres of the phone. Throughout the public leading cadres contact, is not uncommon, and the big public out quickly ambiguous to take a step back, but it is rarely heard. The main concerns of local officials is irrelevant mess call ", but officials information for the public, and in the end who is" irrelevant "? Hunan is a labor exporting province, the Xiangtan local wholesale jerseys grass-roots government was even issued a special labor export policy advice. A large number of traveling abroad Xiangtan people Qiannian the left behind the safety and well-being of the elderly and children, or no time to spare to deal with his hometown of conflicts of interest, the Xiangtan officials contact very easy access from the Internet. In addition, contact public officials, its meaning is not only to serve the masses, is open to supervision by public opinion. Monitoring and reporting of foreign news media, Xiangtan, also may need to contact the officials. Obviously, these two types of "outsiders" with Xiangtan closely coherent. Broad point of view, in the whole social structure, any administrative reform will be to society as a whole "butterfly effect". For example, Altay region in 2009 the official property declaration published online, driven by a number of other local efforts and attempts in this regard. Changsha City go to the end of thousands of leading cadres, public contact, the birth of public officials, including Xiangtan contact. At least, Xiangtan online public cadres contact allow "foreign" to see its efforts to create the sun government and accept supervision. In this sense, the Xiangtan outside, who is "irrelevant"? In the modern information and communication technologies, government departments for the information society is open, clearly defined areas range. If only in the local area, open, play an example, until reduced to the cadres and the masses of one-on-one public, then this so-called public can not be called the true meaning of information disclosure. Moreover, microblogging is wholesale shose no barrier, on behalf of the members of microblogging in politics is not limited to the region, the network has been to allow the executive to openness, in turn, limit the officials of the network communication and contact, and open administrative direction runs counter to It is worth noting that earlier this year, Hunan Province, decided to promote the province Changsha City, "one of the implementation of the four open" approach, which include a public county-level leadership and the main functions of the department heads contact. If not from the subconscious information public as an inevitable part of the public administration, then the public will wholesale watches lose their sincerity and value. As a government department, information disclosure, must be considered comprehensive, rational decision-making, once released should be put in place, so inconsistent, unfinished, not only lose the value of public information, it also undermines the credibility of the local government.
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