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New DNA Test for Colon Cancer Screening

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

A visit with an old friend this weekend underscored my hope that the work we do today will change the lives of our children tomorrow. My friend is 36, the same age his father was when he was diagnosed with and died from colon cancer. My friend has a daughter who is 7, the same age his sister was when their father died.

Anniversaries and hallmarks like this have a way of reminding us of our risks and motivating us to do something about them. (I just reached the age at which my mother had her second breast cancer. Hello again, mammogram.)

From a very young age, my friend has done all the right things to prevent colon cancer, including having a recommended colonoscopy 10 years earlier than the age of his father’s diagnosis. (Colon cancer is slow growing, and it’s highly curable if nipped in the bud. That’s why high-riskers start screening early.)

This visit, I was excited to compare notes with my friend about PreGen-Plus, a DNA stool test for early detection. Since my company now offers this test, he wanted the inside scoop. As an interim screening between his regular colonoscopies (every 10 years), PreGen-Plus can reassure my friend (who is a worrier), that he’s on top of his insides. Should anything develop, PreGen-Plus is an extra step to make sure he catches it asap. That goes a long way toward prevention - and peace of mind, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about colon cancer, from the American Cancer Society: Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures, Special Report 2005

If you think you don’t need to know about this, Katie Couric and Morgan Freeman will explain why you do.

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