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Latham’s Prader-Willi Syndrome Social Skill’s Group: Part One

Posted May 24 2010 9:01am
May is PWS Awareness Month. Our Social Skill’s groups met to do our part to increase awareness. This included young men and women between the ages of 13-21. We answered the following questions together. Some of these are questions that the PWSA (USA) Advisory Board answered at the end of last year in the newsletter. Some are questions from the book; “ Prader-Willi Syndrome Is What I Have Not Who I am! ” We are hoping to have our answers published in the second addition. Thanks for taking the time to read our answers and getting to know us!

What makes you happy?

Go carts, puzzle books, golf, swimming, family, reading books, vacation with family, horses, music, getting new movie, computer, visiting friends, being in a relationship—having boyfriend/girlfriend, fishing tournament, siblings, people we love, basketball, weddings, special occasions, special Olympics, pets, our school dog, going home, feeling loved, horseback riding, parade, staff, games, walks, exercise (for some), church community, people that care, outings, food, Taco Tuesdays, rice and beans, nice weather, sunny days, in winter—snow, pizza, cheats, chili, level 1, ice cream cake, beach, candy, Krista K’s, Chinese food, donuts, going to the mall, shopping, going to work, meatballs, front seat, birthdays, dates, Christmas, Thanksgiving, getting something new, Halloween, laughing, Earth day, other holidays( Labor Day, 4th of July, Mother’s day, Father’s day, grandparent’s day, Groundhog day, New Year’s day), friends, going to friend’s house, sleeping, time off, coloring, drawing, crafts, rollerblades, bicycling, my own bed, p.j. days, orchids, taking a bubble bath…

Sometimes I’m sad. PWS makes me sad…

When Mom says “No” about going to lunch, someone else going out to eat—NOT ME!, being teased about PWS, waiting for family visits, being homesick…

I’m proud of myself when…

I’m helping out other people, getting to level 1, I’m happy, I’m told I’m “handsome,” it’s my birthday, I’m doing a good job, I get an award, I do homework, I’m given a compliment, I’m at Special Olympics, I win medals, I win a game…

"There is just one life for each of us: our own."

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