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It's Official Thursday!

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:55pm

It's Official my chances of winning mother of the year this year have been shot.

Two weeks ago, we went to my niece's baseball game. Olivia loves to run around with her friends and brothers so I try and let her but still keep a good eye on her. I was letting her go up and down the stairs and the bleachers. I was watching her. I looked up one second and she was gone. Luckily, that time, her brother Gabe and her friend Kate (who's 9.5) were also gone. I found her at the concession stand with them because "Mommy, I want a snack." Phew.

Fast forward 20 minutes later and she is sitting in the dirt playing and I'm talking to a friend. Right next to her. She's at my feet. Then she's gone. But this time Gabe and Kate are still there. I can't find Olivia anywhere. I run to the concession stand. Not there. I get 4 Dads to help me look. She's nowhere. You want to know where we finally found her? Sitting in the bike trailer behind my bike. With the top down and slouched down so I can't see her. Of course she didn't answer when I was yelling "Olivia! Olivia!". Phew.

Now fast forward to yesterday. Three of my old high school friends and I are meeting at a park. Olivia's supposed to go to camp so the fact that the park has a pool doesn't bother me or even enter my mind. But guess what? Olivia's dentist appointment runs over and she misses camp and is therefore with me at the park. I forget there's a pool and how much she loves water. We're playing. All is good except she falls off the merry-go-round twice. I'm sweating like I'm doing 2-a-day football practice in August from chasing her everywhere.

Finally she settles in the sandbox with the other kids. My friend is over at the sandbox with the kids and I'm about 10 feet away talking to one of the other Moms. I look away for a minute. I look back and all that is in the sandbox are Olivia's shoes. Where is she? My friend, who was standing right next to her (her shoes are at her feet!) didn't even see her leave so it's not because we're slackers. Olivia is like a panther, I'm telling you. She's smart, quick and quiet.

Of course, we're not panicked yet. She's in the tunnel, right? No. Merry-go-round? No. Swings? No. Panick is now setting in. Where is she??

Oh. My. God. The Pool!!!

That's not open yet.

There's no way she could get in.

But this is Olivia.

I toss off my flip flops and run as fast as I can.

Guess what I see?

A teenager with an Ipod sitting at the entrance. Doesn't even notice me.


I run down the hall into the pool.

There she is.

Fully clothed (minus the shoes...good girl she took them off first)

Splashing in the shallow end as happy as a clam.

Dirty looks from the other moms who are watching their kids lessons.

I pick her up, hug her, my heart starts beating again and all is good.

The boys had followed me and were wide-eyed with disbelief at their sister's bravery and gall. (Wish I could do that!)

I tell my friends I'm crying Uncle and we leave.

It's Official I need to get a leash.

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