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It's Official Thursday---I love my new house!!

Posted Oct 08 2009 10:02pm

It's Official Thursday! I would love for you to participate...steal my button and link back to me!!

It's Official...I love my new house! After a million trips back and forth between the old and the new house, we are all moved in and unpacked! The only thing left to do is decorate...and that's the fun part.

Want to see it??

I'm going to show you some of my favorite things about it. I hope you're like me and love to see other people's houses. If not, quit now or you'll be bored. These are the things about my house that make me think "Is this really my house?" I loved our old house...but only because I hadn't had this one yet! It's so roomy and beautiful and...home. I love it. Come on, let's go on a tour!

The mud room....and laundry room...on the first floor!! This will be shoes/backpack/coat central once I get it all organized. Love it. No more tripping over shoes and backpacks in the foyer. And only one set of stairs to carry laundry. Phew.

The kids have their own bathroom! The bliss!! The boys and Olivia decided a monster theme would be awesome for their own bathroom. I couldn't agree more!

This was way overpriced for a soap dispenser, but who can resist that Mike from Monsters, Inc looking little guy? We also bought the ridiculously expensive toothbrush holder. You only live once.

Remember here when I told you about my house fairy? She left us her dining room set, remember? Doesn't our milk glass look gorgeous in it? I could just stare at it for hours...

And speaking of the dining room...this color...the crown molding...sigh...

Mathew's really proud of his big bed. Just like his big brother. There's so much room!! And a new comforter to boot!

This amazing feature is a pantry. A real pantry not just a shelf in the garage...and the drawers pull out so you can see EVERYTHING in there! No more forgotten bags of beans and boxes of the jello getting lost!!

A lazy susan...with independently moving top and bottom racks...that hold all of my bowls and pots and pans...a cook's delight!

Doesn't our antique farm table look like it was made for this kitchen?

This is my absolute favorite place in the house. Look at all of that space! And it's so beautiful!

OH YEAH! I needed to show you the COOKIE SHEET CABINET!! Who knew there was such a thing? Maybe you did, but that's because you're a fancy pants.

And a can drawer. These kitchen designers are geniuses.

Ceiling fans in most of the rooms....perfect. No more 20 degree temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs...

Gorgeous beams and crown molding in all of the rooms. Died and went to heaven, people!

Bliss. My walk-in closet. Did I tell you my old closet was a joke? I couldn't see half of my clothes b/c they were hidden behind a wall.

Look how cute our little playhouse looks tucked in the corner. The kids' perfect little paradise. It's right out my kitchen window too. Can't you just imagine the conversations, the imaginations that will run wild back there?

The 3-season porch. Again, sigh....the perfect place to curl up and read a book.

Gabe and I call this Terabithia. It's a secret place in the front yard off to the side. Perfect for planning sneak attacks with laser climb be a kid.

Oh-so-pink! And perfect for my little princess.

A LINEN CLOSET!! You mean houses have actual closets devoted to linens? They're not supposed to be put on the floor of the bathroom or stored under your bed? Who knew?

Wouldn't you love to sit here and do your homework? Or draw the most creative picture? I would.

The front yard landscaping. Just part of it. But my favorite.

My front window. We didn't notice this until after we moved in because it was hiding behind curtains. I love to just look out and see the day.

I love this. Just love the way it looks. Another antique find of Matt's. Yes, he's straight.

I know, I know, it looks bare. We haven't decorated yet, ok? But I absolutely love this fireplace. The details. Gorgeous. Makes you want to make some hot cocoa, a fire and curl up and watch...OSU football!

Double sinks. The key to any blissful marriage, am I right?

My 3 season porch pillows I found at Pier 1...on sale!!

My new Pottery Barn duvet I also got on sale. It just makes it that much prettier to know I got it on clearance!

The kids' bathroom walls. Chocolate brown. Yummy.

Another cool pillow. I just love them!!

The kids' cave. The basement. It's HUGE!! Enough room for a craft area, play area, video game area, ping pong table and more!

Half of my backyard. The serene half. Want to come over and have a glass of wine and sit and stare with me?

My angel. She lost her legs in an unfortunate dog crashing incident. My Mom got her for me ages ago and I think she likes it here.

Remember my house fairy? She left this for the kids. An air hockey table. When I was a kid, I would have thought I died and went to heaven if I had one of these. Side note, the pucks are already stuck in the table.

Well, what do you think? Awesome, right? The best part is that it feels like home.

Home sweet home.

**Thanks for taking the tour!!**

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