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Intermittent right sided facial drooping affecting speech, drooling, fuzzy thinking, difficulty finding words, limb weakness.

Posted by truffles

I was born with limited range of motion in all limbs but functioned as normal as possible with bouts of excruciating pain all my life in my legs (and arms up until about age 20).   I am now 46 and in January 2007 started having the right side of my face droop to the point where it affects my vision, my tongue, mouth and area by my nose pull tightly to the right affecting my speech, drooling.  These episodes can last for days and then subside.  I have fuzzy thinking and the mentality of a 4 year old.  I get right temple pain and at times severe pain at the center, lower part of the back of my head.   I also have severe weakness at times, it takes all my energy to move a limb, walk, even talk.  In the last month I have had 3 episodes of severe center/left chest pain which happened each time while I was washing my hair and lasted 15-20 minutes each time.  I was vomiting and sweating profusely.  Last year I had 3 separate months of excessive sweating lasting approximately a month each time, the first in February which seemed to subside when a swelling appeared in the inside of my right leg about the circumference of an orange and is still there.  I am off work since July 2007, been denied disability benefits due to no diagnosis yet but have an appointment to see a movement disorder doctor July 2009.  Have had and MRI, CT scan (both early 2007), blood work and an EMG on the right side of my face and right leg and arm.  I have large red blood cells, have exaggerated knee reflexes, and showed positive for Hoffmann's sign.  It was suggested at one Emergency Dept. that it was psychological however I think they are now understanding it's not and tell me I may have to stay this way as they are limited in neurological knowledge. Initially a neurologist I seen in January 2007 suggested that it may be TIA's, molecular or genetic but did no testing. He mentioned IVIG treatments, told my insurance provider that I had the treatments which I did not as he told me I did not qualify and they were $1,000 each treatment.  I am off work since July 2007, have been denied my LTD and am at the end of my rope, want my life back and to be able to function normally and get back to work.  I have a sister next in age to me with limited mobility but not as bad as mine, the next youngest sister has Lupus (I have been tested, negative), and the next youngest, a brother experincing difficulty concentrating, walking, comprehension also.  Can anyone offer any suggestions or ideas? Thank you for your time, I would appreciate any direction.
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