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Hot Job of 2012? Genetic Counseling

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

I got a kick out of the Daily Galaxy blog’s list of Hot Jobs in 2012, especially since the very specialized, previously nerdy role of genetic counseling is predicted to be … hot!

7) Genetic Counseling

Doctors will be able to test for dozens of genetic markers and predict when a person will likely experience a genetically based condition. With more tests and treatments available, genetic counselors will be needed to help individuals and families make decisions about genetic technologies as it applies to science and personal beliefs. Today, about 2,000 counselors are recognized by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Now, you might say it’s pretty obvious with the lightening speed advances in genomics that we need people who can explain what all those advances really mean. But most in the genomics industry and the media are focused on what can we discover. Watchdog agencies and ethics groups focus on the larger, policy issues. Who’s taking care of the individuals — families, patients, Dick and Jane and Spot — compassionately helping them understand the medicine and making their personal, own best choices according to their circumstances and beliefs? Genetic counselors. They’re the ones with the training and the time. And with only ~2000 in the practice today, you tell there’s a big bottleneck ahead.

All you GCs out there, get ready for your upcoming popularity and fame!

Personally, though, I wager that additional medical professionals who are trained in counseling and educational roles will also step up to the plate. Nurses and nurse practitioners are likely to develop a new clinical specialty, just as they have for areas such as oncology, ob/gyn and pediatrics.

Hat tip: The Daily Scan at Genome Web

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