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Genetic Counselor sells suspect genetic tests!

Posted Oct 29 2008 8:14am

Has anyone seen this company yet? Jordana J and Access DNA.

Jordana and the "Team" at Access DNA have a form which evaluated my extensive family history and have come up with a list of genetic tests I should be tested for......little did she know that this was a list for the Sherpa and the she as a Board Certified Genetic Counselor would have to be walking me through each and every one of these tests......Her "team" by the way is only her and some advisors.....none of them have medical degrees, as far as I can tell.

So today I will call Jordana J and see if she can talk to me about some of the "recommended tests" and conditions....such as:

1. Whole Genome Scanning for Aneurysm Risk (Bogus)

2. Whole Genome Scanning for Asthma Risk (Suspect at best)

3. Whole Genome Scanning for Athletic Performance (Why not just play a sport?)

4. Stool Screening for Colon Cancer @ 575 USD a pop ( history?)

5. Whole Genome Scanning for Heart attack at 2500 USD a pop

6. Weight loss SNP testing for 424 USD.....(Maybe my pockets will be lighter)

7. SNP testing for lung cancer predisposition (What are THEY smoking?)

I hope you get the picture, these were just a few of the 37 genetic tests this board certified genetic counselor recommended I get.

The Sherpa Says: When the NSGC blasts me for pointing out that genetic counselors were never medically trained AND that they couldn't explain PgX or other medical conditions without a physician involved.....I find this....Jordana J, board certified genetic counselor going out and pushing suspect genetic tests. NSGC better get a hold of their membership. This is precisely my concern.......Does the phrase "Over your ski tips" sound reasonable? This is why physicians and counselors NEED to work together on personalized medicine, not CGCs alone on an island! Like the CGC at AcessDNA.

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