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Free DNA Paternity Test for Father’s Day

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:36am 2 Comments

I am not promoting anything here but I thought it was an intersting news aswell as nothing short of odd considering the recent and ongoing news pages spend on discussing hollywood and famous fatherhood battles inside and out of court this is one kind of an offer that Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc. a leading DNA testing laboratory, has announced that it will repeat its offer of five free paternity tests, a $2000 value, to fathers and alleged fathers as a special promotion to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. Interested parties should contact Chromosomal Laboratories by June 14th to be entered into the drawing. Five fathers will be chosen at random to receive a free home paternity test kit.

source webwire

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There’sa DNA Paternity Test Done Every Two Minutes

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I don't know... my luck is bad with cheap testing.

 Nice of them to offer, but I'm gonna fork over $150.00 to get testing done at home.

 Here's the link if anyone is interested :


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, the most trusted source of DNA Paternity Testing In India, has completely differ from the concept of Paternity Test as Father’s day gift. Ms. Ritu from OTS & Services (DNA Test India) said, “Few journalists called us to find out if we are also promoting this test for father’s day!!! We have explained them about the social repercussion, which can change many lives and their future. It’s very sensitive issue and should get it done through proper counselling.

DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. In a DNA parentage test, the probability of parentage is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child and the probability of paternity typically greater than 99.9% when the alleged parent is biologically related to the child. DNA Relationship test is also used to establish relationship between grandfather-grandchild, brother-sister or mother-baby.

“DNA Paternity Test in India is offering test to needy families and does proper counselling before the test. In past we have done many test free of cost or at discounted price because those family could not afford to pay fee for such test” said Ms. Ritu. Our aim is to help people and to offer the test to right candidates whether it is for peace of mind or legal purpose.

DNA Paternity Test India has expanded its client based in Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and to some extent in Middle East. In India DNA Testing is getting popular and most important thing is people are getting confidence because they get proper services. Immigration departments who normally prefer sample to be collected in chain of custody, now services are available in all major cities through professional network of OTS & Solutions.

Those families who want to do the test for Peace of Mind, they don’t need to disclose their personal identity and test can be performed with full confidentiality by simply calling or sending email. If they want for Court purpose, immigration or any other legal purpose than it can be arranged through professionals in their cities to follow chain of custody procedure of sample collection and shipment.

About OTS & Services:

DNA Paternity Test in India is a venture of OTS & Services through their world wide Certified Laboratories. OTS is offering Sibling DNA, Parental DNA, Grand Parentage DNA Test, Maternity Test, Immigration Purpose DNA Test, DNA Profiling and DNA banking Services in all over India. OTS Head Office is in Hyderabad but they have professionals network in all over India to help families.

DNA Paternity Test India services are recognised by all national and international bodies and can be used for legal purpose and peace of mind.



Ms Ritu

Mobile: 9963629998
Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh INDIA.

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