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Do I have Marfan's?

Posted by kyfan

 I have a question about Marfan's Syndrome. I am 27, 130lbs, 5'11. I am tall and skinny. It is very hard for me to gain weight, left shoulder is slightly higher than my right, and my armspan is about 2 inches longer than my height. However, my armspan to my height ratio is 1.03 shy of the Marfan's cutoff of 1.05. I test negative for the thumb sign, positive for the wrist sign. I do have long fingers and have dislocated my shoulder once, but it was during activity.

However, I cannot touch my palms to the ground standing up, and I have had no heart problems so far. I have had numerous EKGs and an echocardiogram, which was normal. I saw a cardiologist and he said I did not have it in his opinion, that my heart was fine. I would like to get another opinion. Am I just worrying too much? Might I have features but not the disorder? Thanks to everyone....

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