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DNA Archive™ New Home DNA Storage Option

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

Can’t afford $1000 to buy your loved one of the latest, “coolest” genetics offerings? Or perhaps you find genome scans intriguing but not ready for prime-time? Check out a more modest but reasonable, forward-thinking stocking stuffer: DNA Archive.

This latest offering from DNA Direct is the first home DNA storage that uses laboratory quality technology (Biomatrica’s SampleMatrix ) to preserve DNA in a medium that can be safely stored at room temperature, and easily reconstituted by any testing lab.

Why would you want to store DNA? Well, everyone has different reasons. Perhaps you want to trace your family’s lineage to Thomas Jefferson. As memoirist Edward Ball will attest, DNA is the new locket of hair that we can preserve for future generations.

Preserving DNA is also a time capsule for personal and family medical history. My mother and I plan to store her DNA for the time when BRCA sequencing comes down in price (her insurance won’t cover it) because she might not be around when that happens, but testing her BRCA genes will give us a more definitive answer than testing mine.

Update 12/5: This morning SF Chronicle ran a nice story on DNA Archive, explaining the new technology in more detail and discussing other reasons real people have sought this product:

Biomatrica’s chief executive officer, Judy Muller-Cohn, said she received a call from a woman on Friday - the day she finalized the agreement with DNA Direct.

The woman’s male relative had just died, but the family was keeping the body in the morgue hoping to find a way to collect his DNA - for a paternity suit.

Thanks to Eye on DNA and Scienceroll for spotlighting DNA Archive with photo. Now why didn’t I think of that?

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