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DNA Archive™ Featured in Science

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

I’ve been pleased to see my company’s new product, DNA Archive receive so much immediate attention. Yesterday’s Science has a wonderful write-up:

Here’s a new item for your family album: your genes. For $175, DNA Direct, a clinical genetic testing outfit in San Francisco, California, will provide a kit you can use to swab your cheek and mail in a sample. A week or two later, you’ll receive three vials containing your air-dried and chemically stabilized DNA, which can be stored indefinitely at room temperature and reactivated with a few drops of water. The samples have more than sentimental value. The company suggests they might come in handy for genealogy, family medical histories, settling inheritance suits, determining paternity in the face of an elusive male, or — in a pinch — identifying your remains should some dire mishap render them unrecognizable.

Also, thanks to the following bloggers who have commented on DNA Archive:

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