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Consumer Genetic Testing for heart attack risk? Worthless!

Posted Nov 10 2010 5:50pm

Here are the top ten reasons why in its current state, direct to consumer or otherwise, genomic testing for cardiovascular disease risk is dead in the water

1. Family History Risk paints a far better picture and IT IS FREE

2. Reynolds and Framingham risk paint a more accurate picture

3. An independent panel has reviewed 58 variants, 29 genes, and gave the thumbs down.

4. The highest increased risk from any of these tests is 30%, Fam Hx can be as high as 500%

5. Kif6 was just shot down as a useful marker.

6. Clinical Utility has not been evaluated in ANY of these tests.

7. Spit Parties don't lower cholesterol

8. The FDA is hunting down these type of crazy claims !

9 . Topol's heart attack gene didn't pan out , why would these?

10. A recent 23 gene panel failed to make the grade as well.

Let me be crystal clear.

I am glad that the number one reason for ordering a DTCG test was curiosity and not true medical concern in the "early adopters"

But I am concerned that may not be the case for the next wave. I am concerned they will take these genetic tea leaves and use them.

The problem, most of these tests are disproven or will be in the next couple of years.

Loose associations with small increased risks sounds a lot like fortune telling or phrenology. Or hell, even birth order....

Someday we will have good predictive models, 10-15 years from now. But NOT Now! Do you hear that VC country, SV, NYC, Hedgies?

10 year exit strategy. Not 2 not 8. So stop hyping this bull$h!t and go invest in Gold or Commodities or something for the love of god !

The Sherpa Says: Did you hear the one about the research geneticist? He keeps telling his wife how great their sex life WILL BE! Someday we will have this tool, let's try not to burn out and cynicize the public yet.....HT Francis Collins
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