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Can an adult have MSUD

Posted by charc321

My sweat smells like maple syrup.  not just a little alot.  When Im working out at the gym its so strong when I sweat that my girlfriend said oh my gosh you really do smell like maple syrup.  I seem to have a maple syrup smell.  It never seemed this strong.  I never realized it was me when I smelled it before.  No I don't eat pancakes alot or even use maple syrup.  I have tested my sugar a few times and it was in normal limits.  my father is a diabetic so we had the equipment to do so.  I need to know if I need to see a doctor.  And if adults can have it what are the symptoms. and if adults can not is there anything else that would make a person smell so much like maple syrup especially when they sweat.  It wasn't always like this.  Not that I remember or that anyone commented on.  Everyone can smell my skin and says it smells like maple syrup.  what should i do.  maybe i should do nothing.
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