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Generations Salon

10370 Moncreiffe Rd,
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 361-9140
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Jane N. Feb 20 2007 10:23am I'm all about the chewable kid's vitamins. I love those things. Nothing's worse than choking...
Jane N. Feb 20 2007 10:19am Haha, and it smells and tastes pretty gross too.
Allen Dec 02 2008 9:09pm It looks like a reasonable program. I especially like the suggestion to stretch the schedule out...
Jason H. Dec 03 2008 7:27am I absolutely love using the bands. One important thing to bare in mind is that it is not the end...
velowoo Apr 16 2012 11:34pm Hi ajay, Thanks for your comment and sorry for such a delayed response!!!  Glad to hear my post...
Lisa T. Mar 20 2007 11:01am Thanks for that informative and inspiring article. I appreciate that background of Pilates since...
Allen Dec 08 2008 10:12pm I've never been fast enough to be in the top 3 of a race, so I've never considered myself a...
Ameerah Aug 02 2009 10:22pm Hi My fried i was touched with your worlds .. I am happy for you to start thinking to lose whight...
Dave Jensen Jan 14 2009 10:13am A recent article in Sham vs. Wham: The Health Insider ( spoke...
Cliff S. Oct 06 2009 8:27am Food and alchohol addictions are often really addictions to sugar. Of course, there are also...
OCnaturaldoc Dec 03 2010 10:47pm Usually people consume less when eating organically because the body knows when to 'shut off'...
Dee Nov 10 2010 12:42pm Those are terrific tips, but I would add a couple:  1) put a splash of organic apple cider...