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You need to eat FAT!!

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:02pm

One of the more controversial things I write about in my book, Wellness Piece by Piece, is how research shows that eating a balanced diet which INCLUDES sources of saturated fat is very important. In fact, it was not until I began to re-introduce healthy sources of fat to my diet—like nuts, butter, cream, and especially coconut oil —that certain health conditions I struggled with went away.

The boom of low fat diets which began to be recommended decades ago have not stopped the dramatic increase of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. In fact, it could easily be argued that these diseases have dramatically INCREASED during the time of this constant attack on eating things that have FAT in them. Washington University in St. Louis has published a study that adds to the research that shows WHY the low fat craze is simply wrong.

In an article in the May issue of Cell Metabolism titled, " New Fat is Needed to Clear Old Fat from Body," Jim Dryden reports that the body simply cannot process the fat that it has stored, unless the diet includes “new fat.” Mice fed a “no fat” diet developed fatty liver disease and low blood sugar. Both of these conditions reversed when the mice were then fed a diet that contained fat.

The article states,

The liver is very important for processing nutrients consumed in the diet and sending them on to the rest of the body. Abnormal processing of glucose or lipids in the liver contributes to problems of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis, and fatty liver disease often is seen in people who are obese or suffer from insulin resistance.

"There's also good evidence that the liver plays a key role in mediating cardiovascular risk through the secretion of multiple proteins associated with inflammation," said Clay F. Semenkovich, M.D., professor of medicine and of cell biology and physiology. In these mice we found that when too much fat got into the liver ( on the no fat diet ), there was excessive inflammation." Semenkovich found that the consumption of new fat seemed to solve those problems.

The researchers were not able to pinpoint how the liver differentiated between new fat and old fat but the correlation was clear that it did. They concluded that people with obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases needed to have fat in their diets.

This definitely goes against prevailing wisdom. The problem with a lot of “prevailing wisdom” is that it is widely believed but yet is wrong! This is why it takes so many years, and often decades, for really stupid ideas to be replaced with sanity.

In the meantime, do your body a favor and put fat back into you diets!!

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