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Yeast Diet Cooking and Meal Planning Guide

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

yeast-diet-cookbook-and-meal-planning Yet another great resource that’s out there is Yeast Diet Cooking and Meal Planning Guide by Whitney Frazier.

One of the biggest problems facing those with chronic yeast infections is the daunting task of cooking meals that don’t contain any of the forbidden foods or ingredients in them. While some my be quite creative in the kitchen others really struggle to think of regular meal ideas let alone ones that eliminate Candida.

As well as general information about Candida, the book contains over 125 yeast eliminating recipes that are divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The author also talks about the best supplements to include in your diet and gives pointers on choosing the right foods at the grocery store.

Yeast Diet Cooking also contains snack recipes which can often be the downfall of many people because snacks often are loaded with Candida feeding ingredients. With your order of Yeast Diet Cooking, you will also receive the following bonuses.

  • Vege Smoothie Recipes
  • Foods to Keep on Hand List
  • Yeast Free Crock Pot Recipes

The Yeast Diet Cooking and Meal Planning Guide ebook including all the bonuses retails for $27.00 and you are promised a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Overall, the Yeast Diet Cooking and Meal Planning Guide would be a good investment for someone suffering with chronic yeast infections. It will make meal planning much easier and you will still be able to enjoy some great tasting food.

However, I feel the author my have over simplified things just a bit in order to sell more books. Any Candida Diet will require some work and dedication. It is not easy to give up sugar and the foods you are used to, especially when these foods are everywhere. Yeast Diet Cooking should make meal planning and grocery store shopping much easier which could assist you in eliminating Candida from your body.

To learn more or to order Click Here .

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