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Yearly Physical Exams

Posted Jul 22 2011 11:42am

I see a lot of patients who get yearly physical exams that usually consist of check the heart, lungs, and other organs.  Maybe some blood work.  Height, weight, and blood pressure.  I have noticed an increasing amount of people who “pass” their yearly physical and are told they are “healthy” or “doing good.”  The only problem is these same people typically have other problems that are sub-clinical.  It doesn’t mean the tests that were run were wrong or had an error.  It just means they were not running the correct tests.  How will acid reflux show up on a blood test?  It won’t.  How about headaches?  Can’t measure that.  What about constipation?  Well, I guess you could do a colonscopy or a MRI.  What about insomnia?  What about low energy?  Well, they might run a TSH/T4 test for thyroid function, but I’ve seen this turn up negative.

What if you could have an exam tell you where you problem was coming from?  What if there is an exam that could explain WHY you have heartburn?  What if there is an exam that would actually show how to fix the problem?

Well, lucky for you there is!  This exam involves muscle contraction.  The reason for using muscle contraction is that muscles will contract long before any tissue will become exhausted enough to produce symptoms or even positive tests results.  Imagine finding and fixing the cause of your symptoms instead of throwing a drug at it.  You’re health comes down to what you want and how bad you want it.  Health is your choice and you do have a choice on how you approach it.  Using muscle contraction as in indicator has an extremely high inter-examiner reliability.  It is a great method to finding where the body is stress and what to do to relieve that stress.  Isn’t it about time you do something about your health?

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