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X Ray Image

Posted Nov 25 2010 12:07am

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiations. The wavelength, of these electromagnetic radiations, range between 10 to 0.01 nanometers. X-rays are also said to be a form of ionizing radiations.

These X-rays comfortably pass through any object, including the human body. Therefore, X-rays are greatly used in the medical world and are widely used for diagnostic radiography and crystallography. A definite X-ray procedure is carried out, in order to receive the X-ray image, which can be used for the diagnosis of disease. A German Scientist named, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, obtained the First X-ray image.

The X-ray procedure involves, exposing only that part of the body to the X-ray machine, whose X-ray needs to be taken and covering the rest with an apron. The radiations that are produced by the X-ray machine are allowed to pass from the body, which is then captured, on a photographic film or a recording plate to obtain the X-ray image. The X-ray image is obtained depending on the parts that experienced radiation. This is because; the X-rays are absorbed in varying degrees, in our body. On an X-ray image, our bones appear whiter as compared to the muscles, because the bones as compared to the soft tissues absorb more radiations. Hence, air appears black on an X-ray image.

The X-ray images are useful for the diagnosis of the disease or for its management. These X-ray images, helps in the evaluation of different diseases like the tumors of the bone, bone injuries, cartilage loss and much more. The X-ray images of various parts of the body like the Chest X-ray, Lung X-ray, Head X-ray, and other parts including the shoulder, wrist, neck, knee joint, elbow, forearms, hands and fingers, just to name a few, can be obtained.

These X-ray images can be stored as a hard film copy, or also like a digital image, which can be stored electronically. The procedure of X-ray imaging is very fast, which is greatly useful in emergency diagnosis and its treatment. The procedure does not have any side effects on the patient’s body, unless he is exposed to the radiations for a long time or frequently. It is recommended that the pregnant women must not under go radiations, as it can harm the foetus.

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