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X Ray For Spine Osteoarthritis

Posted Jun 23 2010 11:44pm

Are you getting pain in back or stiffness in your joint for more than two weeks? If yes then visit you doctor immediately. Better to refer a physician for an evaluation. There a vast possibility that you may read osteoarthritis in your medical results. These are the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

There are many types of osteoarthritis depending upon the affected part of the body and the type of the pain. One of then is spinal osteoarthritis. How to know that you are suffering from the same? There are steps in the diagnosis process. Your detailed medical history, a physical examination and discussion of symptoms will do a lot in the detection of osteoarthritis. If your doctor gets suspected that it is osteoarthritis then x-ray for spinal osteoarthritis will confirm the news.

You may go for other tests further such as blood tests, MRI or CT scans to confirm the presence of spinal osteoarthritis.

Once doctor come to know that you have osteoarthritis then he will go for a series of x-ray for spine osteoarthritis .it is specially help a lot to check for joint damage and the level of its intensity. X-ray will do the work properly. The x-ray can give you an idea about bone damage, cartilage loss, and the exact location of bone spurs. You can figure out the form of the damage.

X x-ray for spine osteoarthritis is multipurpose test. It will detect any kind of damage to the bones. X-rays are also useful in helping to eliminate other causes of pain. You will inform better about the possible considerations about surgery. After a detailed study take a decision.

However, it is intelligent to keep in mind that what shows up in an x-ray may not link to the existence of osteoarthritis and the pain associated with it. You can get an idea of the damage and confirmation depends on other test. For example, most people over age 60 have degenerative changes in their spine constant with osteoarthritis, but perhaps 85% among them don’t feel pain or stiffness..

On the other hand, an x-ray for spine osteoarthritis taken during the early stages of osteoarthritis may not yet show any noticeable damage to the joints. For all these reasons, the clinical history and physical examination are essential for an accurate clinical diagnosis and plan of treatment. But x-ray for spine osteoarthritis is must. It will give you a better picture.

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